One Corner at a Time

We are here to assist homeless individuals with essential necessities while living on the streets. Our group prepares these packages to show our support and love that we have for our community and everyone who lives in it, even if you are just passing through. 

Special Thanks

One Corner at a Time can  not be operated without the generosity of those that take the time to support the cause. We would like to send out a special thanks to all those that have reached out to make this project a success. On behalf of OCAAT, both Jennifer and Tara want to recognize each individual that has opened their heart to make a change One Corner at a Time
Mark and Connie Weber: Cherryvale Kansas
Tyler and Amanda Diamond: Norfolk Virginia
Suzannah Gusukuma: Bellingham Wasington
Leroy II and Angela Peck: Pensacola Florida
Tim and Eden Lynch: Leesburg Florida
Ron and Mary Jo Hartman: Sun City Arizona
Shaun and Jolene Thomas: Pensacola Florida
Bobby and Jamie Kinder-West: Pensacola Florida
Father Nathan Monk: Pensacola FLorida