One Corner at a Time

We are here to assist homeless individuals with essential necessities while living on the streets. Our group prepares these packages to show our support and love that we have for our community and everyone who lives in it, even if you are just passing through. 

OCAAT Family

Meet Tara's family (left to right)
Michael Weimann (brother), Tara, Mia Glenn (daughter), Kurt Glenn (spouse), Ryan Weimann (son), Kurtis Weimann (son).
Tara's message to her family: "Thank you for always supporting me with all that I do".
Meet Jen's family (left to right)
Michael Gilbert (son), Jen, Aubrey Coble (daughter), Bryan Coble (spouse), and, Taylor Coble (son)
Jen's message to her family: "Although we lead very busy lives, we always find time to stand together and give back. Thank you for standing with me"!
Meet Marsha L. W. Hartman.
Marsha became involved with OCAAT when her daughter Jen introduced her to the project. Since then, Marsha has become a vital family member of OCAAT. Marsha lives in Neodesha Kansas with her elderly father. When Marsha isn't busy taking care of her father she volunteers at the Animal Shelter located in Independence Kansas.
Marsha has always been drawn to helping other's and has worked hard gathering coats, quilts and other winter items for OCAAT in her home town. She also donates money to OCAAT to help with supplies. When she has the chance to visit Jen and her family in Florida, Marsha is eager to hit the streets and change a strangers life by supplying the goods and handing out homemade soups. 
Meet Mary Jo Gilpatrick Hartman.
Mary Jo is an avid knitter. In any spare moment, she has needles in her hand and a string of yarn a mile long. Before Mary Jo started helping with OCAAT, she was busy knitting items for other's. Mary Jo gifts out about 95% of the items she makes. Mary Jo is involved with many charities that benefit from her knitting such as, Caps for premies, squares for afghans called Warm up America, and, bears for kids in Africa called the Mother Bear Project.
Mary Jo got involved with OCAAT when asked if she'd be interested in making some hats and scarves for the homeless in Florida. Each month Mary Jo gets busy and makes as many hats, scarves as she can for each package delivered. 
Meet Chassidy Taylor
Chassidy is a former United States Navy service member. She now raises her son Cole and is always outside making new adventures. Chassidy works with OCAAT when it comes time to hand out each package. Chassidy never comes alone, Cole is always there ready to assist.